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Greg Pennini, CFS

Greg Pennini, CFS

Certified Fund Specialist

Since its founding, CarrThaxton Financial Group has devoted time, energy, and resources to providing families a path to their goals. A major factor in the enduring success of the firm has been an internal focus on family life. In fact, when Greg Pennini joined the practice in 2012, he had two primary intentions. First, he was passionate about offering holistic financial planning and asset management to the clients he served, and second, he hoped to help his brother-in-law, Scott Thaxton, build a multi-generational business.

Greg’s motivation to pursue a career in the financial planning industry stems from his childhood. His father was a Massachusetts state trooper who was forced into early retirement in 1981 because he was unable to pass an annual physical due to high blood pressure. With only 7 years of service, his pension was minimal, making it necessary to find a new way to earn a living. His father then started a landscaping and tree removal business which he ran for the next 18 years. Unfortunately, this physically-demanding job wasn’t lucrative enough to provide for any retirement savings, as everything he made was just enough to get by. Thankfully, Greg’s dad was able to return to the state police in 1999 after medication leveled his blood pressure. Without this incredible stroke of luck, however, it would have been impossible for him to retire as comfortably as he eventually did in 2012.

Today, Greg concentrates on simplifying the complexities of the financial industry for the average investor, seeking to alleviate their anxieties over retirement planning. As a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), he has acquired vast knowledge in the areas of modern portfolio theory, diversification, and risk management, giving him experienced insight into how to manage and diversify assets for clients of varying economic and life situations. Throughout his 8 years in the profession, he has helped many men and women pursue a robust retirement that encompasses all that brings them joy.

Before becoming a member of the CarrThaxton team, Greg graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He then moved to Denver, Colorado, to study and work in the financial services industry, and met his wife, Jenna, while continuing his education. The two now live in Littleton with their sons, Cole and Camden, and enjoy spending weekends together fishing, golfing, or simply relaxing at home.