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Retirement Planning Today

retirement planning today

Let our advanced worrying become advanced thinking and planning. – Winston Churchill

The decade before retirement should be filled with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, however, those nearing their exit from the workforce are frequently consumed with worries about the size of their nest egg or their ability to sustain their lifestyle without the promise of a paycheck. A large percentage of these individuals are then forced to retire earlier than planned. Complicating matters more, many adults have had limited access to qualified financial education, and thus lack the knowledge to properly prepare for their second act.

Committed to improving the outlook of these men and women, CarrThaxton Financial Group leads a nationally-recognized course called Retirement Planning Today®. Attendees learn time-tested strategies that will help them make informed decisions when considering the nuances of their retirement, such as tax laws, social security policies, and employer-sponsored or self-directed methods for saving. Our advisors explain these principles in simple language and empower students to take control of their situation by enacting a plan that aligns with their vision for the future.

If you are interested in finding out how you can protect your assets, institute reliable income streams, and maintain your standard of living, RSVP for one of our upcoming retirement courses.