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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a seed long ago. – Warren Buffett

Navigating the ups and downs of financial markets takes dedicated effort and research. Often, individual investors become overwhelmed by their many options, wondering which investment strategies will bring their plan to fruition and their goals closer than ever. CarrThaxton Financial Group realizes our role in easing this burden for clients, as we possess the expertise needed to efficiently and effectively manage assets.

Our disciplined approach starts with examining your risk tolerance, time horizon, and objectives. Based on this information, we match you with one of our proprietary portfolios, ranging from conservative to aggressive. These models employ suitable, diversified investments which give you the added benefit of tax-efficient ETFs, funds, and managed solutions that traditionally you could not obtain on your own. Once your portfolio is in place, we monitor it on a continual basis, providing direction that is rooted in high-level analysis and steady support that reinforces confidence in fluctuating economic climates.  

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